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Boost your kids' energy with these morning songs!
Click and read more about easy activities to introduce colours to little children
A collection of activities, games and more...
Joining subject matter and foreign language? Try these CLIL topics with your young learners
Find out more xmas games for young learners
Community helpers are around us! Read Lester Lizard's story and find out more about people who help others.
All you need is flashcards and ideas!
My top 6 materials and aids to use while talking about Chinese New Year Presenting new cultures during your English lessons is significant. Use English language as a tool to broaden your students’ minds and open their eyes for new perspectives. A few weeks ago, I collected the list of important celebrations from all over the world that are worth...
Festivals and celebrations around the world – calendar May I present you the ultimate list of different celebrations from all over the world. I made a list of common and unknown special days which are worth presenting to your ESL classroom. Don’t worry, I will support you with some sample materials to use or links to websites useful while discussing the...
New Year is a good time to come up with concepts for next semester. Of course, if you haven’t done it in September. Usually, teachers adapt ideas ongoingly as soon as they came across something new. At least, I am such a teacher. I am in great favour of taking advantage of different cultures during my English classes. Not only...

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