CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning

It’s simply teaching different subjects through English.

Special focus is put on 4C’s = content, communication, cognition, culture

Enjoy some sample ideas of my CLIL lessons!

Festivals and celebrations around the world – calendar May I present you the ultimate list of different celebrations from all over the world. I made a list of common and unknown special days which are worth presenting to your ESL classroom. Don’t worry, I will support you with some sample materials to use or links to websites useful while discussing the...
New Year is a good time to come up with concepts for next semester. Of course, if you haven’t done it in September. Usually, teachers adapt ideas ongoingly as soon as they came across something new. At least, I am such a teacher. I am in great favour of taking advantage of different cultures during my English classes. Not only...
Extending is good I really like extending topics from my course book. Combining children's knowledge of the world and foreign language is my priority. I usually look for an opportunity to show some real world that is unknown to children. We sometimes compare things from different countries with our familiar ones. The brainstorm and inspirations This time, I took the topic of...

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