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Simple all about songs during English lessons

Catchy? Nice? Give it a try! All course books have their own songs and chants attached and ready to use. I do like my course book but not every song is catchy or understandable for my students. Some of them have great lyrics but melody and tune may not speak to YL's ears. That's why, I am constantly looking for...
Entertain your pupils with some seasonal songs. They help children acquire the vocabulary connected with special days, holidays and celebrations. Some festivals are common and similar all over the world, but some are celebrated only in the English-speaking countries. By means of songs you can show your students a little bit of culture and ignite their interest in different countries. Worth...
From one subject to another Entering the classroom in the early education classes should be the beginning of a new great adventure for students. They have all lessons in one classroom with their class teacher. I am not able to change their classroom environment for English classes, but I can use something else instead.  As a smooth transition from one...

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