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Again and again and again Being a teacher in YL classroom means that you talk almost all the time. 'Stop doing this', 'Be quiet, please!', 'You need to...', and of course you have to repeat yourself like 1000 times when it comes to explaining what pupils need to do. I thought -  No more! I tried to apply the rule 'Ask three before...
Help encouraging cooperation Have you ever experienced unwilling to cooperate students who were unhappy to work with others? I guess so. Constant arguments and annoyance can be discouraging for even the most incredible teacher. Needing something to cope with such situations I started reading some teaching English methodology books and I came across choosing sticks. Name sticks or number sticks? Nice management...
I did it! I've become an English teacher in primary school. At the beginning, I had many doubts and concerns when it comes to the classroom management and discipline. I’ve read through some ‘How-to’ teachers’ books for newbies and I liked the idea of making an aid to maintain discipline. The very first thing I've done was a behaviour chart. Inspired by...

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