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No matter if you are an early bird (and your mornings are awesome) or a night owl (who probably hates early mornings), a nice cheering music in the morning is like a kick of positive energy.

Summer time can be a great excuse to help your child with the morning routines. Waking up, streching, doing some exercies, getting dressed…all these activities can be fun if we add some music 🙂

Why don’t you give the below songs a try?


1Wake Up! – Out of the Ark Music

The Wake up! dance is a really nice British song for Assembley (a morning meeting of all students and teachers at school before the beginning of lessons), however, it is a song worth trying at home.

wake up, wake up, give yourself a shake up, let your body moving
reach out, jump up, give your friend a thumbs up, it’s another new day

The song can be download here

2When I woke up today – The Laurie Berkner Band from Superhero Album

When I woke up today is a song which will stuck in your head for a long time 😉 The guitar tune is very pleasant and images of families playing together in the video clip is really touchy.

The song can be effectively exploited as a hello song in the classroom (read my article on Hello Songs) as well as the morning song to sing with your child at home.

When I woke up today, I shouted out ‘HOORAY’

3Good Morning – The Singing Walrus

Good Morning Song is another catchy song by this band. I really like their melodies because they immediately bring the smile on my face. I bet you’ll learn this song by heart after 3rd or 4th listening!

Good morning, Good morning
Hello and how are you?
early in the morning I say ‘good morning’,
Hello and how are you?

4Wake up, wake up – PickleNation TV Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Children

Wake up, wake up is a very energetic morning song for children who walk to school. However, you can always change the lyrics to preschool or any other place where you will go.

I wake up in the morning,
i get my sleepyhead up
up, up and down

5Wake up shake upRock-a-Baby

Wake-up shake-up is a very specific (in an absolutely positive way) song with a little Mexican twist.

It’s morning,
wakey wakey,
it’s time to get up and strech

I hope some of these songs will bring joy, energy and movement to your mornings 🙂


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