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Christmas games 2

Find out more xmas games for young learners

Clothes – a writing activity

A great idea for writing project with 2nd and 3rd graders

Christmas books for children

Christmas is coming! First week of December is a good idea to start introducing this topic in some holiday theme activities. I bet you have your own curriculum to follow, but...

Hot or cold? Black or white? – Opposites

Opposites, lesson for 2nd grade, 45 minutes Materials needed: a copy of the story, a set of pictures to the story, words on small pieces of paper, magnets, board, a copy of...

Kahoot’s phenomenon

I said YES. Knowing my opinion about smartphones in the classrooms, I will present one idea of using mobile phones/smartphones/anything that has internet connection effectively during the lessons. How about playing online quizzes...

‘Road safety’ – the CLIL lesson about travelling safely and reading road signs

Extending is good I really like extending topics from my course book. Combining children's knowledge of the world and foreign language is my priority. I usually look for an opportunity to show...

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