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Christmas games 2

Find out more xmas games for young learners

My top 6 ideas + worksheet – Chinese New Year

My top 6 materials and aids to use while talking about Chinese New Year Presenting new cultures during your English lessons is significant. Use English language as a tool to broaden your...

My own festival – project

If you successfully read my article about festivals and you carefully studied the calendar of different celebrations around the world, you may find this post pleasing and inspiring. As I wrote many...

New Year’s lesson ideas

New year usually means that people start things afresh. How many times have you heard about New Year’s resolutions? Have you ever tried set some goals for yourself? Did they last until,...

Christmas games for 1st graders

A short description of Christmas games for first graders (optionally for one class divided into 4 groups: 5members in each)   Materials you will need: Colourful paper stripes (to make paper chains) 4...

Christmas books for children

Christmas is coming! First week of December is a good idea to start introducing this topic in some holiday theme activities. I bet you have your own curriculum to follow, but...

Bonfire Night – an idea for a cultural lesson

Remember, remember the 5th of November… Bonfire Night is a celebration to commemorate the attempt to kill English king James I. There was a man called Guy Fawkes and in 1605 he...

The importance of supporting children’s motivation

In and out From my experience, I am aware that at the beginning young learners need to have something more than just intrinsic motivation. Usually, some kind of extrinsic tool need to...

Overcoming the noise with the Voice-o-meter

Let me introduce you to 'The Voice-o-meter I must admit that the noise level at primary schools is rather too high. Shout, cry, howl, bleep, tumult, scream, clamour... Circle the correct word Children mess around the...

Kahoot’s phenomenon

I said YES. Knowing my opinion about smartphones in the classrooms, I will present one idea of using mobile phones/smartphones/anything that has internet connection effectively during the lessons. How about playing online quizzes...

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