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My family – a book writing project

Can children in the 1st grade write a book? Find out!

The School Trip – The Schoolies series

Welcome to the Schoolies' School Trip, let's dive in!

The Schoolies

Meet Schoolies! Read about incredibly adorable book series by Ellen Crimi-Trent and Roger Priddy.

Christmas books for children

Christmas is coming! First week of December is a good idea to start introducing this topic in some holiday theme activities. I bet you have your own curriculum to follow, but...

Promoting extensive reading in English among Polish children

Reading is crucial! The act of reading is very important, sounds like something too obvious. But with the technology development reading for fun may be endangered. The pleasure of sitting comfortably on a...

From a singer to the writer!

Yes, I do. Yummi! I bet all of teachers know the famous song with compilation of food items called ‘Do you like broccoli ice-cream?’ with all its versions from SuperSimpleSongs. The melody...


The idea of theme books and how to create your own story Have you got any idea for your next lesson? I bet your head’s full of wonderful ideas, but how about...

Pre-September to-do-list for teachers!

Starting a new school year with new bunch of kids. Children like pretending and playing. Sounds cliché? Maybe. Young learners’ teacher should be aware of all stages of children development and their cognitive...

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