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MY TOP 4 CLIL topics in young learners’ classroom

Joining subject matter and foreign language? Try these CLIL topics with your young learners

Clothes – a writing activity

A great idea for writing project with 2nd and 3rd graders

My top 6 ideas + worksheet – Chinese New Year

My top 6 materials and aids to use while talking about Chinese New Year Presenting new cultures during your English lessons is significant. Use English language as a tool to broaden your...

Celebrating with the whole world!

Festivals and celebrations around the world – calendar May I present you the ultimate list of different celebrations from all over the world. I made a list of common and unknown special...

Festivals and other Celebrations

New Year is a good time to come up with concepts for next semester. Of course, if you haven’t done it in September. Usually, teachers adapt ideas ongoingly as soon as...

Christmas songs for children

Catchy tunes surround us since the beginning of December. You can hear them in the shops, department stores, your radio. They even can be hummed by your friends and family. There...

Thanksgiving theme in your class

History first Thanksgiving is a celebration of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvests. It is celebrated not only in the USA, but also in Canada, some Caribbean islands and Liberia. The...

Bonfire Night – an idea for a cultural lesson

Remember, remember the 5th of November… Bonfire Night is a celebration to commemorate the attempt to kill English king James I. There was a man called Guy Fawkes and in 1605 he...


The idea of theme books and how to create your own story Have you got any idea for your next lesson? I bet your head’s full of wonderful ideas, but how about...

All year long with seasonal song(s).

Entertain your pupils with some seasonal songs. They help children acquire the vocabulary connected with special days, holidays and celebrations. Some festivals are common and similar all over the world, but some...

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