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My own festival – project

If you successfully read my article about festivals and you carefully studied the calendar of different celebrations around the world, you may find this post pleasing and inspiring. As I wrote many...

The importance of supporting children’s motivation

In and out From my experience, I am aware that at the beginning young learners need to have something more than just intrinsic motivation. Usually, some kind of extrinsic tool need to...

Overcoming the noise with the Voice-o-meter

Let me introduce you to 'The Voice-o-meter I must admit that the noise level at primary schools is rather too high. Shout, cry, howl, bleep, tumult, scream, clamour... Circle the correct word Children mess around the...

And I pick… You! Choosing sticks in your classroom

Help encouraging cooperation Have you ever experienced unwilling to cooperate students who were unhappy to work with others? I guess so. Constant arguments and annoyance can be discouraging for even the most...

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