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ABC – learning the alphabet

A collection of activities, games and more...

MY TOP 4 CLIL topics in young learners’ classroom

Joining subject matter and foreign language? Try these CLIL topics with your young learners

Christmas reading and writing activities for young learners

Christmas reading and writing activities for young learners - check these awesome merry activities

Christmas games 2

Find out more xmas games for young learners

Leaves – an autumn reading exercise

I can read an autumn poem!

The Schoolies

Meet Schoolies! Read about incredibly adorable book series by Ellen Crimi-Trent and Roger Priddy.

Clothes – a writing activity

A great idea for writing project with 2nd and 3rd graders

The easiest speaking game with flashcards

All you need is flashcards and ideas!

Stereotypes in schools

Blue and pink, pink and blue Generalisations and stereotypes are inevitable nowadays. When you see these two words, I bet something immediately pops...

My top 6 ideas + worksheet – Chinese New Year

My top 6 materials and aids to use while talking about Chinese New Year Presenting new cultures during your English lessons is significant. Use English language as a tool to broaden your...

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